I’m Randall Bonser

SEO Copywriting/Editing/Video Scripts

Want decent copy?
Do NOT hire me…

Strategic Copy

You don’t need clever copy or good copy. You need excellent, strategic copy.
I can help with that.

Strategic Content

You don’t need readers to pause, you need them to stop and digest your content.
I can help with that.

Helping You Achieve Success

Creative. Effective.
Easy to work with.

Let’s meet your potential customers. Then let’s keep them.
Randall Bonser specializes in search engine optimized content that draws people in and keeps them engaged in a wide variety of formats and media.

Do you need a website SEO "booster shot"?

Do you need a customer-magnet content piece?

Do you need a hero story told well?

Do you need a video script?

Web site SEO "Booster Shot"

Make sure every page of your web site is SEO optimized. Then let’s create copy that draws and retains potential customers.

Customer-Magnet Content Piece

Blog, Newsletter, Comparison Chart, White Paper, let’s attract potential customers with genuinely interesting content

Hero Story ... Well Told

Customer stories, case studies, client interviews — let’s trumpet the stories of how you have helped customers and solved their problems.

Video Script

Videos are powerful tools, if you have a strategic plan and a great script.


Such a team player and an excellent content creator. Bonser was able to take my poorly described vision and bring it to life, exceeding my expectations. His work was deemed exemplar for others working on separate sections of the project. I endorse Bonser’s creativity, innovation, and content design.”

Dr. Athea Harris

Director, Center for Teaching and Learning, Georgia Military College

Randall took our research data and produced reports that were understandable and concise. He was able to connect the dots in the data, to weave together the nuggets of facts, the quotes from participants, that move the story from mere information to actionable insight. I also appreciated that he stuck to deadlines, even when we needed a quick turnaround..”

Jim Lochrie

President, MarketPulse LLC

“Without Randall Bonser’s help, I would not have been able to produce my book, Lose It Fast, Lose It Forever. He shepherded the whole process, taking my words and stories and concepts, some of which are pretty technical, and turning them into a well-written weight loss book that helped a lot of people. In fact, Randall also wrote the 40-page “book proposal” that landed a high-profile agent within a few days, which is unheard of. He was an invaluable partner in the whole process — I mean literally, he was worth much more than the money he earned!”

Pete Thomas

Fitness Consultant, CEO, Author, "The Biggest Loser" At-Home Winner, 2005