Randall Bonser

Strategic Copywriter

Helping you meet and keep customers

Randall Bonser

Hi, I’m Randall!
I have been writing a long time in a variety of media — ads, blogs, customer stories, video scripts, white papers, books, you name it.
Let’s talk about working together to bring in customers.

Your Story … Told Well

You work hard producing products and providing services that help people. You would like to expand your reach, increase customer engagement, and boost sales. So would I!  

I want to help you raise your search engine rank and increase customer engagement by writing interesting, helpful, smart, customer-facing content — at a price you can afford.

I have been writing for a long time — since the T-Rex ruled the plains of North America. So I have written just about every form of outreach — ads, video scripts, customer stories, emails, white papers, newsletter banter, media releases, even corporate speeches! So let me use my experience and skills to help build your empire. 


Bringing Value to Your Business

First let's get your site SEO optimized...

I can perform a site audit that looks at a variety of factors that can instantly raise your SEO ranking. These include [INCLUDE FACTORS HERE]

Then let's create content that draws in potential customers...

The days of key-word stuffing are long gone. Helpful content that is relevant, helpful, current, and links to other content will draw eyes and minds. 

Of course, let's convince them to spend their money!

Many things will cause someone to invest their hard-earned money in your product or service. Let’s figure out what it is and create it with an emotional appeal that keeps them coming back for more.

Not “good enough”

You can pay less for less effective copy, but why? “Good enough” rarely converts. You need stories and invitations that draw potential customers in and keep them coming back for more. 

My background in writing includes years in journalism, video writing/producing, internal communications, Business-to-business technical, white paper and academic essays, and editing/proofreading.

What ties all of these together is excellence and professionalism. Strategic copy is my forte, and you won’t have to hold my hand on every step of the journey. Please call or email me to chat about a potential project.