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Frequently Asked

How much does Randall Bonser charge?

Because every project is so different in its scope, length, amount of research, and deadline requirements, I need to evaluate the specs before giving a quote. 

Where does Randall Bonser call home?

I live in Atlanta, Georgia, metro area. I grew up in Detroit, Michigan, area, so I have lived both North and South. I also lived in Germany for two years back in the day. 

What is Randall Bonser's specialty or niche?

Whether you consider it a boon or a bane, I have written in a variety of industries: transportation, automotive, health, religious, education, disaster relief, news, racial reconciliation, children’s literature. This broad background helps me learn quickly and communicate effectively. 

Does Randall Bonser have any graphic design background?

No, but I have colleagues and friends who are graphic designers if you need that service. 

What is Randall Bonser's outlook on the world?

My faith and experience gives me hope that with love and hard work, we can make a positive difference in any sitaution, no matter how bleak it may look.