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Hard working copy for health, transportation, charitable, education

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Be the hero in well-told customer stories, product launches, and collateral

Content Creation

Be found and quoted with well-written blogs, articles, podcasts, side-by-sides

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Get recognized as an industry leader with well-crafted white papers, web site pages, newletters

Visual Victories

Be seen and heard with well-designed video scripts and podcasts

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Send me an email and we will set up a time to talk for a half hour about your needs. This is the “tele-health” portion of the plan where we talk about your needs, customers, and desires.


Strategic Communication Plan

The strategic commiunicaion plan delves into your message, your audience, your media, and your measurements. This will be the guidebook for future outreach, all based on a strategic approach to your communication needs. 

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Choose the content and copy package that meets your needs — and your budget. Either a one-off or a regular feature. Then we get started immediately!

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I’m Randall Bonser, and I have been writing a long time in a variety of mediums: video scripts, newsletters, emails, ads, blogs, e-books, news stories, brochures, white papers, content pieces. I would love to talk about how I can help you find and keep customers.