What do you need?

Strategic communication, of course.

Not Samples … Solutions


Case studies, ads, blogs, newsletters, landing pages — just a few of the solutions I can provide to help you find and keep customers. Need something else? Just ask.

Video Scripts and Books

I also write long-form projects like video scripts, books, and white papers. Below are a few of the projects I’ve written or ghost-written. Need something else? Just ask.

Targeted Ad Copy

Convert more customers with strategic ad copy that appeals to emotions and logic both. 

Video Scripts and Producing

Video scripts are best left to the pros — me! I can even help produce your video.

SEO Optimized Content and Customer Stories

Let’s tell the stories of your customers or your expertise with content that draws in potential customers and converts them.

Books and Ghost Writing

I have published several books and ghost-written several more. Need an e-book? I can help you.

Ads and Landing Pages

This ad for a Hendrickson suspension won awards. 

Clear, Strategic Video Scripts

My video scripts and productions have also won awards. 

Case Studies and SEO Content

This is one of many case studies I have done for various clients. 

Published Books and Ebooks

I have several published books and ghost-written books, so I can do long form if you need it. 

Newsletters and Repoorts

This global newsletter was for Visteon, Inc., a supplier for Ford Motor Company.

Media Releases and News Stories

The information from this release was featured in a NYT article about automotive sound signatures.

SEO Content Certification

I earned SEO Content Certification through AWAI (American Writers’ & Artists Inst.)

Podcasting? Listen…

My podcast, “The White People’s Guide to Insensitive Speech” just passed 3,000 downloads.

Is Randall easy to work with?

“Such a team player and an excellent content creator. Bonser was able to take my poorly described vision and bring it to life, exceeding my expectations. His work was deemed exemplar for others working on separate sections of the project. I endorse Bonser’s creativity, innovation, and content design.”
Dr. Athea Harris, Director, Center for Teaching and Learning, Georgia Military College

5 Facts about Randall Bonser...
1. Randall has been a pro writer for over 30 years.

It’s true. I started writing video scripts and ads in the late 1980s and never stopped.

2. Randall does not require hand holding.

As a free-lance writer, college writing professor, book editor, and more, Randall knows how to juggle lots of jobs and get them done quickly.

3. Randall is a professional editor and proofreader.

Do you have content from other writers who do not know how to use a comma from a semi-colon? I proofread and edit professionally and know a number of different “styles” such as Chicago, AP, MLA, etc.

4. Randall picks up technical stuff quickly.

I have written for transportation, education, religious, parenting, building/construction, diversity/sensitivity, and other topics, so I pick up technical information quickly.

5. Randall is not the cheapest writer out there.

Nor the most expensive! You will get great value when you hire me to attract and keep clients.